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 Cide's Helper Application

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Cide's Helper Application Empty
PostSubject: Cide's Helper Application   Cide's Helper Application EmptyMon Jan 18, 2016 12:42 am

To whom it may concern, this is my Helper application, please read and consider my credentials. Thank you.

What is your IGN?: cide

What is your Rank?: 32

What is your Age?: 16

How long have you been Playing ShroomCraft?: 3 weeks

Why should you be Helper?:
     First and foremost, I would like to start off with my call to the server and what got me here. I initially found the server while scrolling through planet Minecraft server lists and distinguished it as an average server that had little potential. When starting to play on the server I found it to be intriguing and innovative, as most of the time smaller servers have generic plugins and unoriginal ideas and ideals. For instance, something I absolutely love about ShroomCraft is the kit system, it is a great idea that I have not seen anything like it anywhere else.
     Second, the question you are really mentally yelling at me right now, "why should we give you helper?". Well, despite my experience on this server alone, I have a broad experience with moderating, and also simple raw playing time. I have been a moderator of the server Roxbot, which typically has around 70 to 150 people actively playing at a time (IP: I have also had experience on a server named 2015pvp, which is currently discarded. One of my distinct capabilities is the ability to differentiate a hacker from a legitimate player. I have 2000 legacy wins on MCSG, as well as being number 1 on the Badlion season 6 mcsg ladder. Bottom line, I have a ton of experience.
    In conclusion, why should you give me helper? I am a mature, reliable, resourceful, player who truly has come to respect and enjoy ShroomCraft. I will actively do my best to record, punish, or help anyone who comes fourth. I have had a ton of experience and would love to use my skills to actively better a server that is on the rise. Last, I feel like I have bonded with the community. Many people on the server now know and recognize me. I actively help answer questions and help report hackers. I have come to know a few of the donators personally, and really would like to know the staff.

How could you help the community as a Helper?:
     Helping the community ties into my last passage heavily. Personally, I feel like the term "Helper", which is expected to Kick deserving/cheating players, warn players of wrong doing, and help clean up the chat, is a simple task to fulfill. Those ideals "Helpers" are supposed to achieve will be the bottom line for me. For me the term "Helper" has a literal meaning to it. I believe the as a "Helper" one (In this case being me) would help bond the server. I would help the server develop in  harmony, dealing with issues, and trying my best for the overall good of the server. Being a helper means everything to me at this point, and i'm determined to make it mean everything to the server too.

How long are you on every week?: Over the last three weeks I have been on two or three hours a day. On weekends I tend to be available for very long periods of time. I try to use my time in the best possible manner, and I'm very open to schedule changes and new plans.

What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the staff that have considered this application and helped me get to this point. It has been a fun three weeks and hopefully a better future. Thanks for reading my application

Your player, Will  Very Happy
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Cide's Helper Application
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