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 Shroomcraft's Rules

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PostSubject: Shroomcraft's Rules   Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:17 pm

Permanent Ban:

1. Griefing. If somehow given access to break blocks or placing entities.

2. Modified clients. (Optifine, and HUD mods are fine) X-ray texture packs and Mini maps are NOT allowed.

3. Hack threats, or hacking.

4. Avoiding ban.

Temporary Ban:

1. Exploiting/Boosting/Grinding with your friend to get points


Temporary mute:

1. Claiming others hack

2. Advertising

3. Spamming

4. Disrespecting staff/ Overly disrespecting players

6. Sexual harassment

7. Racism

8. Asking for a staff to look at your application

9. Asking for any free points, donator rank, or for staff


1. Usage of offensive skins
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Shroomcraft's Rules
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