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 _Dragon Staff Application

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PostSubject: _Dragon Staff Application   _Dragon Staff Application EmptyWed Aug 03, 2016 9:41 pm

What is your IGN?: _Dragon

What is your Rank?: Prestige 39

What is your Age?: 15

How long have you been Playing ShroomCraft?: Over 2 Years

Why should you be Helper?: I should be a helper because I have been on this server for a long time and I know mostly everything there is to know about the server.  I'm mature enough that I won't let my emotions make me want to ban, mute, or kick someone falsely because I am upset at them for something.  I know all the basic commands that are needed to be a staff and some of the custom ones too when they are needed.  I'm easy to make friends with and I am happy to answer questions regarding the server. I'm very active and I constantly check the forums to see if anything has happened or if anyone has any questions.  I am super determined when I put my mind to something and I do my best to accomplish my task.  I will try to be the best staff that I possibly can be.  I'm also known by most of the people who play on ShroomCraft so they are respectable to me, so I am respectable to them as well.  I will take this job seriously and would never kill other players that can't do anything to stop me(Abuse).

How could you help the community as a Helper?: I could contribute to the community as a staff member by helping people who have just started off and don't know how to use the kitpvp system. I'm encouraging to other players and try not to upset anyone. I will give them tips that would help them rank-up by telling them about ways to get points, like by going into the mazes and looking for point blocks, to go on the maps or in the spawn to find point signs and the easiest way to get a good amount of points is to vote for the server.  I try to be fair with other people when it comes to pvp because I know how it felt to be a low kit and all the high level players wouldn't use a lower kit for you.  I ask others also if they are willing to lower there kit so everyone is around the same level and everyone can have fun. When people are arguing about something or start spamming I will take action and give them a warning or even a mute if any of it continues.  I especially hate when people are spamming in the chat "HAX" when the best thing to do is to just message a staff if one is on or record/take a picture and put it on the forums for a staff member to see.   If I find that someone is using a illegal mod that isn't allowed on the server I will record them then ban them for 5 minutes and report it to the mods so they can take care of it.  My job as a staff member is to improve the server and make it fun for everyone. I am one of the oldest players on this server and I have seen it grow since the beginning and I want to continue to see it expand into something great one day.

How long are you on every week?: 30 minutes to 3 hours per day depending on if people come on.

What is your timezone?: EST

I put a lot of time and effort into this application and everything I said I meant.
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_Dragon Staff Application
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