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 B.W.P Bulebob Wildlife Protection

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PostSubject: B.W.P Bulebob Wildlife Protection   Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:05 pm

Hello fellow Shroom craft members.
Today I bring up an important topic that is not thought of much.

Shroom craft is full of ware fare and violence. But we must protect those who are not as blood thirsty as the pro players. These players who don't know the rules, use kit 1 excessively even though they have access to much better kits, barely converse in the chat, or are just not too good at PVP. These players are bulebobs. Being a bulebob is not bad. It means that you can improve. However we must protect them by helping to take down the demonic diamond dumpis and keeping the birdmods and soulessowners. These players prey on the innocent bulebobs and accessibly kill them, mute them, or even ban them. You can help. If you see one remind them of the rules broken, and help take down the demonic diamond dumpis. But lets not team or the souless owner will feast on you.

To support us leave a comment on this thread of how much you support the poor bulebobs.

Thank you.
Bluetoast444 Leader of B.W.P
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B.W.P Bulebob Wildlife Protection
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