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PostSubject: Hackusating   Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:11 pm

Person's IGN: ClayplaysMC
Person's Rank: Default (Lvl 7)
Evidence of Rule-breaking:  Msged to Toastie
Extra: Like I said, I can't get screenshots but this i the origional latest.log. You can verify it is legit by looking at date created and console to mach up times. He is clearly told not to hackusate and that his kit has speed yet he still accuses. I played Mineplex first, so that will be there, but scroll down untill you see it, or search for h4ck because that's how he spelled it to circumvent the filer
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PostSubject: Re: Hackusating   Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:45 pm

So I went through then logs and as you saw he revived a 1/2 hour mute for the constant haxusation. It would have been a hour mute but because you did not explain to him the rule he was breaking i shortened it. You guys told him that that kit had a speed effect yes BUT you did not tell him he was breaking a rule. So this goes for everyone, help the new players if staff isn't on. We got personal lives outside our computers and we can not be on 24/7. If you see something like this PLEASE let them know the wrong doing and if they keep doing it then notify the staff.So thank you for bringing this to my attention. ~Blue (AKA Toastie)
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