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PostSubject: Da_PvP_Panda   Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:43 pm

Hey guys, well my friend and I are kinda sharing this account even though he has his own. He likes to use this account because it gets higher kits and such, but some people were saying HE was flying. When this happened I wasn't on but my friend (bluemonkey706/xXstickmonkeyXx) wasn't actually flying. He got on Dj's horse and some how started being in the air roaming around. Just wanted to get that straight. Anyway sometime I will probably be getting another minecraft account and switching my data on this account to my new one just so it would be a lot easier to handle. Also if I ever would apply for helper or something there wouldn't be any funny business going on with 2 people on one account. Anyway just wanted to let you know. =)
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