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PostSubject: ---------------------------Leveling-Kits---------------------------------   Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:01 am

So, an idea suddenly buzzed in DJ's noggin' and he chose to bring it to fruition by telling it to the other staff, which it was then refined (to an extent) via peer review. However, this idea isn't for a small group of players, as anything implemented effects Shroomcraft's player base, all of you, thus I'm placing the idea here to hear your opinions on it.

------------------------------------What is Leveling Kits?--------------------------------------------------

Leveling-Kits is the idea that as you play a kit, you gain a benefit (in the form of the kit dealing more damage, gaining more speed, or taking less damage.)

Ex. A level one squire (kit one) would take x damage from an attack by a shaman (kit 10), however, a level two squire who has chosen to level the squire via gaining resistance to reduce damage taken by y would take x - y damage from the same attack by the same shaman.

-------------------------------------How do I level up?----------------------------------------------------

Leveling-up is attained via getting a certain amount of kills, however that number depends on the kit that you are using.


Kit one - After attaining 100 killing blows, kit one would be able to increase to a "leveled up" version of kit one, in which the player can gain a bonus to their speed, damage dealing, or resistance, at their discretion. (level 1/3) then, by attaining 500 more killing blows, this level one (from zero) version of kit one would then be able to become level two, thus gaining another bonus of the three options (level 2/3.) Then, by attaining 1500 more killing blows, this level two version of kit one would then level up to its maximum level by gaining another bonus to their speed, damage dealing, or resistance (Maximum level, 3/3.)

Kit 21 - After attaining 800 killing blows, kit 21 would be able to increase to a level one version (from zero) of kit 21 which then as before would gain an increase to their speed, damage dealing, or resistance (level 1/2.) Then, after attaining 1300 more killing blows, kit 21 would be able to increase to level two and then gain another one of the previously stated bonuses. (level 2/2, Max.)

Kit 31 - After attaining 2100 killing blows, kit 31 would be able to increase to a level one version (from zero) of kit 31, which then as previously stated would gain the selected benefit. (level 1/1, Max.)

----------------------------------You speak all about this leveling up-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------however some kits only have one level------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------while others have three------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------what's up with that?---------------------------------------------

The amount of levels a kit has is based on the rank of the kit.

    Kits 1-20: Level one - 100 killing blows <- Number needed to level
                  Level two - 500 killing blows
                  Level three - 1500 killing blows
                  Total killing blows - 2100

    Kits 21-30: Level one - 800 killing blows
                    Level two - 1300 killing blows
                    Total killing blows - 2100

    Kits 31-40: Level one - 2100 killing blows
                    Total killing blows - 2100

--------------------------------Why have all these different Max. levels----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------for each section of rank?------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------What's up with that?---------------------------------------------

The reason there are disparities in the amount of levels between the sections of ranks is due to the power creep that increases with the higher kits.

1. Since kits 1-20 are low level, it would make sense for there to be more bonuses - this goes for kits 21-30 in comparison to 31-40 as well.

----------------------------------------------Okay------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------but how about how many kills it takes to level each time------------------------ -----------------------------------------100, then 2100?--------------------------------------------------

These large changes in kill requirements are only conceptual, since it's considering the Max. level. Since at kits 1-20, it takes 2100 killing blows to reach Max. level, all other kits should take an equal amount to reach Max. level, thus since kits 31-40 only have one level it would take the total amount of kills to go up one level.

-------------------------------------What does doing this serve?------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------What effect does it have?-------------------------------------------

Ideally, this will dishearten players from choosing to use the higher kits, since they gain less benefit than the lower kits, (three levels are better than one.) Furthermore, it would be easier to level kits 1-20 or 21-30 than 31-40 because there are milestones (100, 500 for 1-20 and 800 for 21-30), which thus give you a feeling of accomplishment for reaching x amount of kills and gaining benefit y. However, with kits 31-40, it's much more taxing to gain this one level and takes a lot longer (albeit it can be argued kills can be easier to attain) thus it won't feel as accomplishing to gain 600 kills in kit 40 than 600 kills in kit one because in one you've leveled up twice, while in 40 you aren't even close to leveling.

----------------------------------You talk all about this x benefit------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------and reducing damage by y------------------------------------------- --------------------------------but can you be more specific about that?-----------------------------------

No, as this idea hasn't been finely honed, these specifics (which would seem like a necessity) aren't mutually agreed upon by anyone at this time, thus these would only be based on my thoughts.

-A speed benefit of one would increase speed by 1.05 (compared to 1), increasing by .1 then .15 to total 1.3.
-A damage bonus of one would increase damage by 1.02, increasing by .03 then .05, to total 1.1.
-A resistance bonus of one would reduce damage taken by 1.03, increasing by .05 then .07, to total 1.15.

-------------------------------------What about super kits?---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------Why aren't they included in this?----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------Prestige?-------------------------------------------------------

These kits aren't included because theoretically, this would be implemented upon the V.3 update, which allegedly won't have super kits, or prestige kits and will have a different kit system.

----------------------------Can you be more specific about this kit system?--------------------------------

Not without further elaboration.

>.< - I know there's an auto centering, I just don't like it, plus the dashes help with separating the information into subsections.
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PostSubject: Re: ---------------------------Leveling-Kits---------------------------------   Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:26 am

The overall idea seems nice, but when you said you were going to make a thread on this, I never expected all these subsections. You did a good job presenting the information. Can't wait to see the players thoughts on this idea.
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PostSubject: Re: ---------------------------Leveling-Kits---------------------------------   Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:48 am

You wouldn't wanna know how OP my Serf would be at this point. xD
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PostSubject: Re: ---------------------------Leveling-Kits---------------------------------   

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