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 Ziggylegend Helper application

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Ziggylegend Helper application Empty
PostSubject: Ziggylegend Helper application   Ziggylegend Helper application EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 9:07 pm

Ziggy's Helper application!
ING: ziggylegend
Rank: 39
Age: 14
How long I've been playing: Almost 1 year
I should be helper because:
I believe I should be a helper because sometimes I feel as though I am one. A lot of times new people that really want to have a great time on the server need help and I feel that would be good for me to really talk to them and get them started not just for them but for me too. I think I can get some good skills off of being a helper and it sounds like something I can give back to the server for all the fun I have had on it. I have wanted to apply for helper for a while now and I was just waiting for when I felt ready for the responsibility of a helper. A lot of people know me on the server too so that I feel gives me a big advantage to help those people and others that may not know me. I feel I have learned a lot on this server from bad times. I'm past those times now and I have really improved over all on this server and now I just want to improve even more.
How can I help the Shroomcraft community?:
I think if someone is legit about coming to this server I can help them step by step on what to do to become a good PvPer and have a great time too. I believe that if I can do that and not just get them started, but even help them to level 40 prestige if necessary then I will have really done my job as a helper. I can help settle disputes too. I have seen this happen often where someone will spam or be disrespectful to another person and get muted and even banned. This is bad for the server as a whole because they will give the server a bad vibe or maybe even cost a player on the server. I want to help settle those arguments in the best way possible without having to get a mod or having to mute or ban them myself. Last if necessary I can ban or mute someone temporarily. I know that is not the purpose of being a helper but I feel if I really had to I could.
Amount of time played a week: about 9 or 10 right now with school and soccer.
Time zone: EST
Thanks for your time!

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Ziggylegend Helper application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ziggylegend Helper application   Ziggylegend Helper application EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 3:09 pm

Nice application! Hope you get helper!

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Ziggylegend Helper application
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