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 Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal   Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:22 pm

Your IGN:Ieatnoobs35
IGN of staff that punished you:Greentoast555
Punish reason:"Crits"
Explain:No clue why I was ban I Checked Up On The Report Of Me "Crit Hacking" I Never Hack Ever And Would 100% Never Risk My Donation Rank To Hack Only A Idiot would Do That... The Video Claims I Had Small Jumps And I'm Not Sure How That Works. All I Know Is I Have Only Hack In Early 2013 On Other Server With Xray Hacking Takes The Fun Out Of The Game And Ruins Players Experience 2 Things I Would Never Want Happen And On My Honor I Will Say I Have Never Used "Crit Hacks" Or Any Hacks Beside On A Personal World Or Self Owned Server
Date you were punished:4/9/15
Extra:I Will Take My Punishment But I Am Irritated I Got Ban Without Purpose
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PostSubject: Re: Ban Appeal   Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:49 pm

It's obvious as heck, ban appeals cost 5$, don't try to lie to me.
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Ban Appeal
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