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 Crashllama's Application

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PostSubject: Crashllama's Application   Crashllama's Application EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 8:31 pm

To start off I want to say that I put a lot of work of work into this and I hope it holds up to your standards!

"What is you IGN?": My IGN is CrashLlama.

"What is your rank?": My rank is twenty eight. (I have been working hard to bump my rank up)

"What is your age?": I am 13 years old.

"How long have I been playing ShroomcraftPvP?": I have been playing between one and a half to two months.

"Why should I be a helper?": I should be a helper because I want to give back to this community, I have been playing a while now and I am considering buying Super Donator (I already have Donator) I have learned so much from this community that I feel like I am ready to be a helper. From this experience of being on this server and learning many different things that I am positive that I can help people with their problems and or questions. Before I even thought about applying for helper I would always help people with their problems and questions and that's when I realized I should apply for helper. Also I have been very active on the forums I have been reading peoples ideas nonstop and I would always comment how I loved it or how it could be better. I have not posted anything on the ideas column, but I have been planning many unique new kits, and ways to make the server better. Lastly I have always been looking for hackers and I think that is a main part of why I should be helper. So that is why I should be a helper.

"How could I help the community?": I could help the community in various ways. For example, as I said above, I will always help people sort and and solve their problems. In school I am in a situation where people are fighting and I'm in the place where I have to sort it out. I try my hardest to help them solve their problem and be friends. I could apply that to helping people online to fix their problems! I would also help them by using commands including /ignore. second I have seen so many hackers that nobody would believe me that I saw all of this. As a helper it would be easier for me to contact you and post it on the forums to get him/her banned to make the community a better place. I would also give the hacker a fair chance of not being banned by asking the other users what they think about the hacker. In addition I have seen so many people being disrespectful to the server and players when helpers/mods aren't on. So that leads me to the reason that I could be their when other helpers/mods aren't to make it a better place. 3rd I am/ and will always be considerate to other users. When I was playing with a new user that was only level two. He asked me if I could take it easy. Realizing his trouble I used kit two and I also showed him secret signs to help him level up so he could have a better time and not rage quit. Lastly as I said up above, I have so many ideas that i will soon share on the forum like new commands, kits, and new fun! So that is how I could benefit the server.

"How long am I on every week?": I am on about 1-3 hours a day so I would be on about 7-21 hours a week. (probably not 21 hours a week because times vary each day)

"What is my timezone?": My timezone is eastern United States standard time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you take me into consideration!- Crashllama

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PostSubject: Re: Crashllama's Application   Crashllama's Application EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 7:38 pm

Nice application! Hope you make it to staff!
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Crashllama's Application
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