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 ZCZac24 Helper App

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PostSubject: ZCZac24 Helper App   ZCZac24 Helper App EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 3:41 am

What is your IGN?: ZCZac24

What is your Rank?: 12, I hope this rank doesn't fully make my application fall apart. I am a avidly great pvper and I mostly always will stand up to hackers no matter what.

What is your Age?: I am 13, It may not sound like I am. But i am

How long have you been Playing ShroomCraft?: Well I got accused for hacking, Which I did not appreciate when I only had Optifine and a HUD mod which i thoroughly enjoy playing with if the server allows it. And got banned, as one of the mods banned me with no forum post and no proof that I was hacking I didn't get on since today. But I've been playing for 5 or so months before that and enjoyed the server since.

Why should you be Helper?: I have alot of experiences with helper and mod like on Factions, Bending, KitPVP and prison servers. I thoroughly enjoy helping and will never abuse or betray any server I become staff on. I feel I should always take care and be careful with my privileges and permissions that I gain. And i will never use hacks nor have i used any before in my life. I have seen what hacks look like so I can clarify the player and see how or if they are; Snapping their head and swinging faster than a normal mouse can do. I will not accuse a player if i see that the player is clearly just a good pvper. I understand the rules and boundaries of the server and will always obey them and keep players to obeying them as well. I see sometimes hackers just come on and I want to be able to deal with it easier and keep the server safe and I want it to be as full as possible so the server is well known.

How could you help the community as a Helper?: I will help the community as banning all hackers or as many as I can. I would hate to see all the players logging off, ruined by one hacker. I understand not everyone understands the "Please stop hacking" Saying and to not come on a server and hack so i will keep this server under control and making sure all players are following the rules. I will make sure players have a fun time and not a horrible time. I will keep my self calm and try not to rage over hackers but it's really hard to see even one hacker ruining the fun for everyone. I'll also refrain players from advertising and spamming and capsing until they get muted for five minutes.

How long are you on every week?: 1 Hour on Weekdays 2 hours on weekends if i get time to get on and whenever I get computer time.

What is your timezone?: Australian Sydney Timezone (UTC+10:00)
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ZCZac24 Helper App
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