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 ShroomCraft Parkour Speedrun/Tutorial

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PostSubject: ShroomCraft Parkour Speedrun/Tutorial   Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:01 am

Hey guys, the YouTube section of the forums seemed a little bear. I decided to make a speedrun/tutorial of the parkour at spawn. My microphone had JUST broke a on the day of the recording (A little inconvenient don't you think?) so I just added some music. The music was Gaden Rhoss - Villains (Original Mix) Also, the video was just done quickly to maybe help a few newcomers to the sever get a few extra points and it wasn't really the best video in the world, I just did it because there was two hackers on the server and I couldn't PvP. Hope you enjoy the video and if it helped you make sure to give the video a like. (For vidme it is points)

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ShroomCraft Parkour Speedrun/Tutorial
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