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 Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?

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PostSubject: Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?   Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:55 pm

As rumors of Goldcraft and it's failures zoomed around the chat of Shroomcraft for a small period of time, my interest over whether these were true was piqued, thus, I tried out Goldcraft myself and after a very minimal time of playing on it, will review my opinion of which server is better and why, along with a video to show my experience.

Goldcraft - cons - Unbalanced map - Arena one, which was the map most players PvPed on (at the time, there was four PvPing including me) had an area that most players would PvP on, it was an area classified as a playground and had two sets of ladders, both led to a one block corridor, thus, where the issue was. Ranged classes could camp the corridors and then melee classes (the starter classes I tried) would be unable to hit them, this was slightly halted by there being gaps in the openings of the corridor (which was a small walkway), however, on the second level (with the cobweb) a melee player could never touch a ranged player, as if they went up the ladder they would simply be shot off and they can't get past the cobweb so as long as the player who is ranged stays around four blocks away from the web (which is easy since the web is diagonal to the walkway) the melee player could never touch them.

                        Lowering kits - Upon my entrance into the game, a player said that those who PvPed should use weaker kits than the ones they are at since a new player was in the game, I believe this should be unnecessary since players should be able to just pick off the weak, also, as the video shows the player who started with chain mail never changed kit yet still was able to be killed by the novice kit.

                        No tutorial - (I don't believe I didn't see one) there was no tutorial at the start of the game, had I not been from here and already knew the general aspect of the game, I would have had to ask for assistance to starting off the rank up PvP format, which is an inconvenience that could lose wavering players (though if they're that close to leaving they probably wouldn't stay anyway).

Goldcraft - Pros - Multiple Arenas - This didn't benefit them as much as it would have had they had more players, but since there was more than one arena there was the option of 1v1ing and (had more players been on different arenas) going to a less unfair map (con one). However, this in a way is a con since it splits up the amount of players and thus would be a detriment if the players were around 20, but a benefit above 40, with 5 it only allowed 1v1s.

Shroomcraft - Cons - Tutorial - When I first spawned in Shroomcraft, my attention was diverted from the colored chat filling up my chat log to the area I spawned in, (which doesn't do anything for the player anyway) and thus didn't really do anything, (I did try keying in /intro again and seeing how noticeable the chat log was, which if you weren't thinking of it when you came in, it wasn't that easy to catch compared to the spawn zone). If the spawn zone and chat was just replaced with signs that said what the chat log did, I believe it would be more beneficial.

Shroomcraft - Pros - Fair field - The battlefield has very few cases in which the walkways are only a single width, thus players who are melee can fight those who are ranged with a much better chance.

                            Secret Signs - This is something that I believe is a small benefit that is like finding hidden mickeys in Disney World, it's fun to do and is something that even feels like an adventure (in the case of the mineshaft for example.)

After considering these issues, I came to my decision that Shroomcraft is better than Goldcraft (however biased my decision may be.) However, I do think that some of the rumors were exaggerated.

Claims - Imbalanced kits - As I had only played a few kits, I can't exactly tell if the kits were imbalanced, but I do know that the kit with the chain mail is extremely strong, having the poison potion and a bow is already enough, but since it also supplies a melee weapon the poison (which takes over half my health) allows the player to out-strafe any opponent. (The server I first played on would use poison potions as a way to stop the opponent from moving quickly as running is cut short by damage, hence why fire aspect is so powerful)

           Calling players hackers if they're simply good - As I'm not sure if I'm really that great nor did I meet many players, I can't make a judgement on this claim.

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PostSubject: Re: Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?   Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:43 pm

Sorry to mention it, but those "Different arenas" are really just different locations to spawn in the arena. It's quite confusing, but it's an aspect they took directly off of our server back when we used a similar system to what they use (before the custom plugin was created). Many of the kits you also saw on Goldcraft were also Donator only kits, in which you must pay real life cash to get access to. Now my opinion is probably the most bias it can get, but these are just a couple of things I have to say about Goldcraft that were in this post. Razz

As for the intros, thanks for making that point, I'll be sure to add that into the room. Very Happy

Thanks for making this post by the way.
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PostSubject: Re: Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?   Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:28 am

Goldcraft=Copycraft also it is offline. Probably didn't pay their host.
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PostSubject: Re: Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?   

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Shroomcraft vs. Goldcraft - Which is better, and why?
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