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 [Application] ~ Th3ChompPvP ~

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[Application] ~ Th3ChompPvP ~ Empty
PostSubject: [Application] ~ Th3ChompPvP ~   [Application] ~ Th3ChompPvP ~ EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 6:16 pm

What is your IGN?:Th3ChompPvP

What is your Rank?:None

What is your Age?:16

How long have you been Playing ShroomCraft?: I have played ShroomCraft for more than a month and I enjoy the game.

Why should you be Helper?: I am usually on everyday. I play with people and usually randomly a hacker comes on and ruins the fun, but I wish I could be a helper to be able to help out the server.I wish to keep hackers away from a server that has a lot of potential. I would really hate to see it fall apart because of all the hackers that ruin the server.

How could you help the community as a Helper?: I listen to what people have to say in the chat. If someone ask for help I go and show them where a sign is.I help them by telling them how to rank up and acquire for more kits.

How long are you on every week?: I am on everyday. I play with my friends everyday to warm up or just to come and have loads of fun to get new kits. Also on the weekends I stay pretty late on the server as well.

What is your timezone?: My timezone is Central Standard Time
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[Application] ~ Th3ChompPvP ~
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